The law is tricky and can be very confusing, complex and difficult to comprehend and fully understand. To help, you’ll need to hire the best divorce lawyer in Arizona! While many believe that they might be able to go about divorce, child custody, child support or alimony situation on their own, the truth is that they probably won’t be successful without the help from a qualified Chandler divorce lawyer.

While you can always represent yourself (also classified as “pro se litigants”), it’s always better to simply hire the Arizona divorce lawyer that you meet within the end. Hiring a professional will make the entire process easier for you, especially if you’re already going through a very difficult time in your life. Here are some reasons why you’ll want to bite the bullet and simply hire the Arizona divorce attorney you initially wanted to go with:

  1.   Legal Advocacy and Protection: Family law can be very complicated, which is why it’s better to leave it up to a professional who knows what they are doing. There are literally hundreds of different statues to know and stay on top of in the legal world, and you’d have to know all the outcomes of past court cases if you want to be successful.

If one party is not represented and the other party is, you’ll easily get taken advantage of given your lack of knowledge. Hiring the Arizona divorce lawyer you feel the most comfortable with will protect your legal rights and fight for you. They’ll protect your rights throughout the entire process so that you aren’t taken advantage of.

You’ll have a way better outcome if you have a professional Chandler divorce attorney on your side than if you don’t! They’ll know what you’re reasonably entitled to, what issues to properly prepare for and how to handle false allegations and evidence.

  1.   Bullying Prevention: Many times, one party will make crazy threats out of frustration or as a way to intimidate or bully. This happens quite often in divorce proceedings and the harassed party will end up in submission because they fear the threats are true. But having the best Arizona divorce lawyer by your side can eliminate this occurrence from happening, keeping the other party in check.

Plus, if you have a Chandler divorce attorney handling the case, you won’t have to worry about getting harassed by the other party’s lawyer. You won’t have to talk directly to them or deal with them since your own attorney will handle communication at all times.

  1.   Peace of mind: Going through a divorce or a custody battle can take a lot of out of you. You’ll most likely be stressed, emotional and frustrated by the entire situation. A lot of this stress might come from feeling as if you’re not in control of everything or fear of what’s going to happen next. Hiring a Chandler divorce attorney can help ease all that stress. They’ll be able to help you comprehend what’s happening every step of the way so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by it all.

They’ll also keep you in the loop of everything and will provide you with the best legal options to help increase your chances of winning the case. You’ll be able to fully understand everything so that you don’t sign or agree to something that you’ll regret later on.

  1.   Proper Fillings and Procedures: The amount of paperwork involved with a divorce or custody battle can be intimidating. However, a Chandler divorce lawyer will help you fill out everything correctly, keep a calendar of important dates for you and file it all within the necessary time frame. In court, there are specific formats and ways to fill out documents, present evidence and speak to the judge. If the information is not presented correctly, your case can be thrown out, so it’s better if you have someone that knows what they’re doing to help you along the way.
  2.   An Objective Sounding Board: When it comes to a divorce, you might want to go to friends and family to be your sounding board, but it’s best if you hire a Chandler divorce attorney. They’ll be able to give you sound advice when it comes to your case. You’ll need a lot of support at this difficult time in your life and a lawyer will be an objective party who will give you the facts needed to be successful.

Although you might get a lot of advice elsewhere, the best advice as it relates to your case will always come from your lawyer.

  1.   Better Efficiency: If you were to represent yourself in a divorce or custody hearing, you’d spend a lot of time researching what needs to be done. But by hiring a Chandler divorce attorney, you’d be saving yourself a lot of time given their expertise on the subject. So they’ll spend less time doing what will take you days to do.

On top of researching family law and court proceedings, you’d have to stay on top of important dates, deadlines, paperwork and the like, which will only add to your already full plate. You might not have the energy or time to really devote to your case, but your family lawyer in Chandler, AZ, will!

  1.   Complete Closure: Hiring a Chandler Family law attorney will give you the closure needed to move past this difficult time. They’ll make sure that all the issues are addressed properly so that you don’t have any problems in the future (which might end up in more litigation). Thanks to a quailed Chandler family law attorney on your case, you won’t have to worry about any loose ends at the end of your case. Plus, they can also bring up possible future scenarios now and discuss how to resolve them now so that they aren’t even an issue later.

You’ll need to ultimately do what’s best for your case and interests in the end. But many times, that means hiring a Chandler family law attorney so that you feel confident throughout the divorce or custody process. 

If you’re considering filing divorce, Shaffer Family Law in Chandler can help you file and give you the support you will need throughout the process. Give us a call at (480) 470-3030 today!

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