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Chandler Alimony Attorneys

Our family law attorney with 20+ years experienced has served families in Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, and Scottsdale, and other cities in the Maricopa County for Spousal Maintenance (Spousal Support/alimony) and other family law matters

Arizona Spousal Maintenance (Spousal Support)

The issue of spousal maintenance(spousal support), or alimony, is a difficult subject that comes up in many divorce cases. The attorneys of Shaffer Family Law in Chandler help with a range of issues related to spousal maintenance(spousal support), including:

  • Negotiating spousal maintenance(spousal support) as part of a divorce settlement agreement
  • Establishing your need for spousal maintenance(spousal support) in court during a contested divorce
  • Including spousal maintenance(spousal support) in the terms of a legal separation agreement
  • Defending against requests for spousal maintenance(spousal support) by your spouse or former spouse
  • Seeking modification of spousal maintenance(spousal support) payments when your circumstances have changed
  • Enforcing spousal maintenance(spousal support) orders through court action, including contempt and garnishment

Fair financial support for each party to a divorce or separation is extremely important. Our experienced family law attorneys understand the need to be aggressive on your behalf when appropriate. We are also skilled at mediation and negotiation: when a cordial relationship between you and your ex-wife or ex-husband is important, we can assist in explaining and advocating for a fair financial arrangement that both parties can agree to in an effort to avoid litigation if possible.

Our attorneys assist with establishing, modifying, and enforcing spousal maintenance(spousal support) orders in Maricopa County and the surrounding communities. Contact Shaffer Family Law online or call (480) 470-3030 for a free case evaluation.

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