Divorce Mediation

In divorce mediation, the parties meet each other on a level playing field with a mediator who serves as a neutral third party to facilitate appropriate and reasonable solutions to all the issues that need to be decided. Mediation may not be appropriate for all parties or to resolve all issues. In some cases, divorce mediation will resolve every issue, while in other cases the parties may resolve some issues through mediation and other issues through litigation.  However, even with very contentious parties, the mediation process is often beneficial, and the parties are surprised to find themselves on common ground.

How a Divorce Mediation Attorney Can Help

At Shaffer Family Law, we provide mediation services for clients who have decided to forgo hiring attorneys, or have retained attorneys but have agreed to enter into the mediation process.  We offer clients -effective, time-saving and less stressful options to a litigation-based divorce. As a result, we take the entire family into consideration as we help both sides negotiate mutually beneficial agreements. We work with families throughout Maricopa County and in the surrounding communities.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mediation can help resolve legal issues in a divorce more efficiently and effectively than going to court. Divorce mediation is less expensive and produces the same legally binding agreements. The benefits of mediation include: control over the outcome, savings in time and money, privacy, less stress, no court appearance, no prolonged legal battles, and less strain on the children. Unlike awaiting a judge’s verdict which is based on their perspective, families have control over the agreement reached in mediation.

In mediation, parties have the ability to suggest ideas to the mediator and develop or respond to proposed ideas.  People who participate in mediation may be more satisfied with the results because they had a chance to create their own solutions. Aside from saving time and money, mediation produces impressive psychological benefits to the family. Studies indicate that children recover more quickly from the stress of a divorce when the parents mediate. The number of couples who return to court after mediation is less than one-third of the number who return to court after litigated divorce settlements.

Divorce mediation services are designed to help you resolve a range of family matters, including:

  • Divorce
  • Property division
  • Spousal Maintenance (alimony)
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation (parenting time)
  • Post judgment modification and enforcement of orders

Divorce Mediation in the East Valley, Phoenix, and the Surrounding Communities

The attorneys of Shaffer Family Law serve all of Maricopa county and the surrounding communities, including Pinal County, Pima County and Yavapai and Coconino counties. Contact Shaffer Family Law online or call (480) 470-3030 today to learn about alternative methods for resolving such divorce issues as property division, child custody and visitation, parental rights, and other family law matters.

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