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When couples with children divorce, it typically means that the father is granted some visitation rights or custody, though they must pay the mother child support. This payment approach can be reversed in certain situations. A family court judge can help make a decision based on the wellbeing of the children but will also consider the rights of the parents when determining visitation rights.

Child support is calculated differently by each state, though it is based on whether both parents have joint custody or if only one person has sole custody of the children. A professional child support attorney Shaffer Family Law will be able to provide you with the information you need.

Parents with primary custody are often eligible to receive child support payments from the other parent. This support covers costs for basic needs, including medical care, childcare, educational expenses, transportation and travel, entertainment, and extracurricular activities. Once an agreement is decided, a parent may raise or lower child support due to situations like changes in income or changes in split custody.

Our attorneys for child support can make the child support implementation and modification processes easier on the parents. Our attorneys will be able to explain child support rights to you and answer questions you have regarding which situations qualify for child support modifications.

Issues regarding child support can be complicated for both parents. Attorneys can also help a custodial parent recover back child support that has not been paid by the other parent. An attorney with experience in this area of the law can make things easier to understand by explaining the rules, regulations, and steps involved with enforcing or complying with child support orders and making or receiving child support payments.

This legal professional will also ensure that child support rights are adhered to, safeguarding the rights of children to benefits and education in a public institution.

Attorneys assess child support cases and file documents, clarify terms of child support orders, calculate anticipated child support payments, and collect and enforce these payments. They enter relevant negotiations on behalf of their clients and protect the interests of clients during court proceedings. The cost of hiring an attorney is often worth it because it saves the client time and effort and streamlines the child support process.If you are a divorcing parent, explore the differences between mediation and litigation for child support and consider consulting with a lawyer. Most attorneys will provide an initial consultation before services are retained. Parents can use this meeting to learn about the experience, availability, strategy, and fees of the attorney. Even if you are not going through a divorce, but you have a child support problem, contact us immediately for your informative consultation!

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