Divorce is not an easy road; it usually takes time to determine whether one wants a divorce or not. Every relationship has struggles and problems; how you deal with them is the real deal. There are always ups and downs associated with every relationship, but it depends on both how they want it to be. Sometimes, it is better to part ways than be in an unhealthy relationship. It is physically and emotionally challenging and can take a lot from you. If you have children, then it gets further complicated. Couples don’t wait for a season to divorce; it depends if they are at the crossroads in their relationship. However, studies have shown a pattern behind the divorce move.

A new year and the holiday season are usually fresh start points. Be it fitness resolution or mending relationships, people think of it as a fresh start. They make new year resolutions to mend ways with their spouse by communicating their issues in every possible way. Be more respectful and show understanding as to where they are coming from. They try to make it work their way. Everyone looks forward to holidays, and nobody wants to be a spoiler in the family. They want to spend quality time together, resolve differences and leave contentious things behind for new beginnings. If the family has children, they always look forward to having a good time together. Children are always excited about the winter or summer holidays and want to enjoy the most.

According to the University of Washington’s research, people file for divorce most in March and August. Why is that? As mentioned above, the new year or holidays are a big no, and people do not want to be called heartless for ruining everyone’s Christmas or holidays. They think taking kids on camp trips or having family and friends come over for BBQs, pool parties, and Christmas can improve things for everyone. This, too, shall pass. They think of it as an opportunity to rekindle their love for each other, and when they’re unable to reconcile, they move to the next step. Couples need to sort their finances as it may take some time, but they may file during August as they do not want to meddle with the school year. They may decide to file for divorce after summer vacations as they do not want to interfere with the starting school year and may hurry up with the procedure.

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