When you get married or move in together, your lives are tied together in many ways, including your home loans, power bills, and relationship status on social media sites. When it ends, it hurts as you have placed all your trust in one person. And when that trust breaks, you tend to lose a lot in terms of everything. It is emotionally and physically overwhelming, and it can be difficult to manage during such tough times. Sometimes, it is difficult to come to terms with and accept the changes in your life. However, it becomes even more challenging if you decide to part ways with your partner and things are rough with the separation.  

Imagine if a stranger knows a lot about you, it can be weird and simultaneously terrifying with the thought of what if your information is misused. Now think this, you’ve shared a life with your partner and how well they know about you, your mother’s maiden name, or details about you or your family close to you. It is nearly impossible for a person who has loved you not to know things about you. Then your partner becomes your ex; things didn’t end as they should have. If your ex has turned out to be nasty, and you both cannot find any common ground over decisions, believe it or not, it is an alarming situation. 

Make a list of shared account

When we say your partner, who is now your ex, knows a lot about you, it is pretty valid to an extent. Make a list of shared accounts, such as video streaming apps, home locks, indoor security cameras, Wi-Fi networks, and others, and change passwords immediately. It becomes problematic if your ex remembers the pattern of the way you think while creating passwords. You must think hard and differently about the things your ex doesn’t know. If something didn’t go well between you and you’ve got the slightest idea of how far things can go, it is time to act. However, even if things were amicable, it is best to make the changes. When you are together, knowing everything about the other is natural. But the same thing becomes scary when you both decide to go separate ways.

Remove life events from social media

Today, social media is inseparable from our real life. It constantly reminds us of our life events and brings back good or bad memories that we may or may not want to recall. It is time you delete the memories or constant reminders that you get. You may delete or archive photos from Facebook, Instagram, or others and adjust your stories on social media. It is best to wipe out all the memories from all your devices, if not possible, from the brain.

Turn off tracking services

If you share a joint phone account with your ex, you may need to remove your ex from the account or make sure he doesn’t have access to your location services. It only works for mobile phone lines on the same billing account or has the Family Companion app paired with parent devices.

Reset your devices

Shared laptops, phones, or any internet-connected device your ex has had contact with should be considered a suspect. Have a backup of all the necessary files and photos, and factory reset your devices.

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