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Divorce is hard enough when you have children, but if you are someone who is going through a divorce and has a child with special needs. When it comes to this, you may have additional matters to work through as you separate your life from your ex’s and plan for your child’s future.

Even if you and your former partner had come up with plans regarding care for your child down the line, you may need to revisit those plans once you decide to part ways. What types of matters might you need to address during divorce as the parent of a child with special needs?

Long-Term Care Costs

Depending on the type of disability your son or daughter has, caring for them over a lifetime could potentially hundreds of thousands. Have you and your former spouse planned the finances surrounding the finances that come with care? Is the responsibility going to be equal when it comes to paying for that care? Are you going to create a special needs trust? These are the things you should work through now, while your divorce is ongoing, to avoid unnecessary strife down the line.

Parenting Plan Considerations

Many divorcing parents find that creating parenting plans helps them avoid conflicts and stay on the same track regarding parenting. A parenting plan may prove even more critical, however, if you are co-parenting a special needs child.

In addition to talking over custody and visitation arrangements, you may also have to consider factors like transportation home after school. You must also think about each of your responsibilities regarding special dietary considerations, time spent on communicative devices, and more.

When you share a child with someone and make the decision to co-parent, you will need to continue to work with them until your child becomes an adult. When it comes to being the parent of a child with a disability, you may even need to work together well into your child’s adulthood. Setting a plan can help you do so with minimal drama and hardship.

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