If you’d like to have the best possible outcome for your Arizona divorce, you’ll need to plan effectively. The decision to end your marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, once you’ve decided to separate from your spouse, you’ll want to have a plan in order to save you money, time and stress.  Plus, planning for your Arizona divorce will also help you avoid any potential challenges that might arise in the future so that you can facilitate the upcoming process as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Ending a marriage can be a very emotional time, which is why it’s best if you meet with a Chandler family law attorney. You might be feeling lost, upset, sad and other mixed emotions, so a Chandler divorce attorney can help put the entire process in perspective and help you during this difficult time. The Arizona divorce process can be hard to comprehend if you’re not sure what to do, which is why the Arizona divorce lawyer you choose to help you is important to your case.

You’ll want to hire the Arizona divorce attorney you feel most comfortable with for additional success. But as you go about finding the Arizona divorce attorney you mesh well with, you’ll also need to plan out a few things on your end. Here are a few things you’ll want to be aware of when thinking about the Arizona divorce process:

  •        Those who file for divorce in the state of Arizona must have lived there for at least 90 days before filling out a Dissolution of Marriage petition in an Arizona divorce court.

As you try and figure out which of the Arizona divorce attorney to hire, you’ll want to start planning for the divorce. Doing so will make you more prepared for when you finally hire the right Chandler family law attorney so that the entire process is as smooth as possible. Here are some steps to follow when planning your Arizona divorce:

  1. Prepare all documentation

The first step is preparing all your documents, pictures, records, account details, and more so that you can give it all to the Arizona divorce attorney you hire. Make sure that you’re mindful as to how you access these documents as the situation can quickly change as you file for divorce and serve your ex. Things might get heated afterward so taking full advantage of the relationship before they’re served it is vital to get all the required evidence for the divorce case. Once the divorce is in the process, it can be hard to obtain access to these documents.

  1. Talk to a Chandler family law attorney

You’ll want to seek legal advice on your divorce and talking to a Chandler divorce attorney will help answer any questions you have and provide you with further guidance on how to proceed with the Arizona divorce process. Even if you decide not to be represented in court, the Arizona divorce you meet with will go over your options and let you know about other alternative dispute resolution methods you can also use. Always consult a Chandler divorce attorney before signing any separation agreement (or anything in your divorce). Plan to talk about your specific situation and ask what the Arizona divorce law entails regarding your case. You’ll also want to know about your rights and obligations under Arizona law, what the division of assets and debts will look like, child custody if children are involved and what the laws are in Arizona regarding that.

  1. Get your financial disclosures ready

You and your ex will need to provide financial disclosures, which will be disclosed during the discovery phase of your divorce. To prepare for this, you’ll need to make copies of your bank statements, 401ks, investments, taxes, pay stubs and anything else related to your financials when you were married. This is essential and unavoidable. Don’t just rely on your ex to get everything ready since you’ll need to provide your own copies to your Chandler divorce lawyer. If you suspect that your ex might be hiding assets or concealing past income from you, talk to your Chandler divorce attorney! Also, you’ll need to organize all these files effectively so that your lawyer can go through them whenever needed efficiently. Since marital property needs to be divided when going through a divorce, you’ll need copies of all properties you own together, too.

  1. Get ready for the division of property

Under Arizona law, marital debts and assets are considered community property and must be divided by both parties. So, each spouse is entitled to half of the estate and also responsible for half of any debt accumulated in the marriage. Dividing property in an Arizona divorce usually begins with an inventory of what’s shared, so you’ll need to prepare for a valuation of all property that’s owned together, both personal and real estate. Go through your home and list all furniture, furnishings, electronics, art, collectibles and the like. Take pictures and create an itemized list. Also, write down all real property you own together and any assets at each location.

  1. Create an expense report for your household

Your Chandler divorce lawyer might have you create a monthly household expense report that will include all your bills. This will help them fight for any alimony you might be entitled to.

  1. Have a plan for the children

Divorces tend to get messy when they involve children. Make sure that you stay engaged in their life as you go through this divorce process. If they are old enough, ask what they’d like to happen at the end of the divorce and if they’d be okay with joint custody. Talk with your Chandler divorce attorney about custody issues and the like so that you are aware of all of your options when it comes to your shared children.

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