If you think, what could be the most challenging thing about divorce? Whether separating from your spouse or if you have family and kids. Every individual is wired differently, but one thing that remains most common in a divorce is that children become the worst victims of the separation. We understand divorces are difficult, painful, and scary in every stage of life for everyone. Parting ways with someone you’ve loved the most is never easy, and nobody wants to go through that painful phase in their lives. Simply making the decision can violate your values and leave you in two minds. Even if the divorce is amicable, it always hurts.

Meanwhile, several studies suggest that children whose parents are divorced are more likely to divorce than the ones who live in two-parent families. Interesting, so is the divorce genetic? Does it mean all children with divorced parents will end with divorce? Will it mean divorced parents have a history of divorces in their families? According to the research, it is so, but it also doesn’t tell whether a failed relationship is destined if you have the divorce gene. Some studies include people who witnessed their parents married and divorced multiple times. They believe that adults have been willing to commit for life but failed to live up to it. Such examples reflect on their environment and are likely responsible for shaping their perceptions from their life lessons. This grows them averse to commitment or getting married and having kids.

One of the reasons that divorce could be genetic is because when children see their parents fight and mend their differences, they think nothing is fatal that can destroy their parents’ marriage. However, if children see their parents fail to reconcile their issues, they are less likely to learn any message and know that a fight can destroy everything in a relationship. Women are likely to raise their children after a divorce, which means the father has lesser time to interact with their child. This results in the absence of a parent from their child’s life, making children awry about commitments and looking for ways to fill that void in their life. The other reason could be that divorce has become more common and less scandalous than ever. There was a time when previous generations chose to live with issues in their relationships; however, things are different today. So, it is likely that children who grew up in troubled families are more likely afraid of ending in dysfunctional relationships.

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