No matter what one says otherwise, divorces are tough! If children, property, alimony, family pets, and other things are involved, it may be more challenging to sort out depending on the situation. It is hard to go through a divorce, both financially and emotionally. Even if you are familiar with divorce, it is not evident that everyone understands how the divorce process works. Without a thorough understanding, you won’t be able to make an informed decision on whether to litigate in court or settle your divorce out of court.

Each Case is Different

Divorces are different in each circumstance, so you can’t take cues from other people’s experiences. Some cases may be simple without any complications depending on both parties and how they deal with it, whereas the rest may not be. Depending on the extent of divorce, it can last months or even years and can involve many professionals in the process. Sometimes, a case may involve divorce attorneys, accountants, real estate experts, and consultants. Remember, much work goes in before both parties are willing to negotiate what they want from the divorce.

Negotiations Can Turn Tables 

Nearly 90-95% of divorce cases rarely move to trial. So, it entirely depends on both the parties and how much they are willing to negotiate in each circumstance. If a party is unwilling to negotiate to the other party’s terms in a divorce, they will find ways to either try or take it to court. It will all come down to negotiations and what works best for each party in a divorce.

If you are thinking of divorce, it is advisable to make an informed decision at every step of your life. Once you’ve made up your mind, going about the process is the most crucial part of it. This is where legal attorneys can help you navigate through the process. Our legal attorneys can help you at every step during such difficult times of your life. Remember, our experienced attorneys will ensure that every informed decision works out in your and your family’s best interests.

Shaffer Family Law can help and always thinks in your and your family’s best interests. To schedule a consultation, contact Shaffer Family Law at (480) 470-3030.          

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