a divorcing couple sitting unhappily on a couch

Divorce is quite common in the United States – almost half of all marriages end in divorce or permanent separation. For some couples, commitment is a common factor in why some couples stay together. But there are some circumstances when divorce is necessary.


Cheating is at the top of the list of reasons couples get divorced. Extramarital affairs destroy trust and cause a breakdown in communication between spouses. Partners cheat for different reasons, including a lack of passion, anger, and resentment, or maybe due to self-esteem issues.

Lack of Intimacy

During the honeymoon phase of marriage, intimacy never seems to be an issue for couples. Unfortunately, as a relationship develops, intimacy can start to dwindle. Most often, it is physical intimacy, though emotional intimacy is just as important. When a couple loses their closeness, it can get to the point where they no longer feel in sync with each other. Slowly, their desires change, and the love that connected them disappears.

Poor Communication

Communication is the core of any marriage, and a marriage is in trouble when both people are no longer able to communicate constructively. Bad communication in a marriage can lead to many issues, including resentment, disrespect towards your partner, lack of intimacy, or cheating. In some cases, all of these at once. Soon, one or both spouses will no longer see the value in the relationship and the purpose of staying.

Domestic Abuse

Abuse in the home is one of the worst experiences a person can go through in a marriage. It not only affects them but affects their children as well. When a partner becomes verbally or physically abusive towards their spouse, it often leads to the end of the marriage. While divorce is not easy, it is a lot better for the mental and physical health of the victim. By leaving a partner, they can prevent worse outcomes, including severe injury or mental health issues, for themselves and their children. At Shaffer Family Law, we are here to help you throughout your divorce process. To set up an appointment, give us a call at (480) 470-3030.

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