Your children are going to feel significant impacts from your divorce. They may struggle with not seeing both parents as often, but your children can benefit from maintaining a relationship with both parents. While it can be challenging to work together with an ex-spouse, especially when it comes to parenting, putting personal issues aside can significantly benefit your children. Here is how co-parenting can help your children and your family:

Increased Sense of Security

Children who experience a divorce tend to blame themselves for the breakup. When you demonstrate your willingness to parent despite the end of a relationship, it can show your child they are not at fault. Knowing their parents still love and support them can make it easier to transition to this new phase of having two homes.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Co-parenting is not easy. There will be disagreements and conflicts that need a solution. Co-parenting allows you to be a conflict resolution model for your children and a valuable skill to have as they get older.

Less Stress and Anxiety

Many children feel anxious and stressed when it comes to parents divorcing. They are not only dealing with things happening in the home but outside the home as well. By co-parenting and resolving issues together, you can show your children you are united when caring for them. This can allow them to feel less stress and less worry about how their family is viewed.

Better Family Relationship

Whether you like it or not, your children’s other parent will always be in their lives. Be grateful that your ex-partner is making an effort. Several studies have shown that children who grow up in a single-parent household suffer from anxiety and depression at higher rates. They are also more likely to make mistakes in the future. When they have both parents, they have the opportunity to learn from and communicate with both of you. This can increase their confidence and lead to better bonding with family.

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