Millennials tend to get married later in life and establish less conventional roles. They may also be proving the keys to relationship success. The latest census reports an 18% reduction in divorces for millennials compared to older generations around the same age.

How Millennial View Marriage

Millennials do not act like their parents, who are mostly baby boomers. Baby boomers have had the highest divorce rate in US history. Many of them also get divorced into their 60s or older. This phenomenon has forced millennials to witness unrest in their house and childhood, and many are determined not to repeat this cycle.

Millennial women are also getting married in their 30s. They observe their mothers going through significant financial hardship after a divorce is enough motivation for anyone to become much more financially assertive before committing to a marriage. More and more women are going to school to get degrees and certifications to obtain better-paying careers.

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