Before you and your significant other decide to get married, you must have some serious discussions about your finances. At Shaffer Family Law, we advise couples to consider a prenuptial agreement, especially if either of them has children, is going to get an inheritance, or has a business.

Not Just For The Rich

While family wealth might be more comfortable talking about it, prenups also protect people with considerable assets. They can help you figure out what happens to future investments and protect you from your partner’s debts.

They Take the Place of Most State Divorce Laws

No matter what your financial circumstance looks like, a prenup can allow you to take your financial future into your own hands. It is that or have your marriage dictated by state laws. A prenuptial agreement gives you the chance to develop regulations for your marriage without giving in to the customary rules that may not apply to you and your partner.

They’re Insurance for Your Marriage

Prenups are like insurance policies – something you hope you never have to use but are happy you have it if needed. Just like when you choose insurance, you need to consider the worst-case scenario. You and your partner should talk about different assets, how they will be joined and which will remain separate. You should also talk about whether income (and debts) earned during the marriage will be joint or individual and whether alimony will be paid if you end up divorcing.

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