Divorce is a solemn and daunting experience. You will face intense pressure, anger, having to talk to your children, and anxiety about your future. During your divorce, you may face legal disputes, and while you may be troubled, having an experienced divorce attorney to guide you can help. A reliable attorney can help simplify your experience. However, concealing any information from your attorney compromise results in the proceedings.

You may feel the need to conceal problems such as infidelity or financial mistakes, or even the reason for your divorce. But lying benefits no one. Your relationship with your attorney, like your relationship with your doctor, will only be as effective as the amount of communication and trust you have with one another. At Shaffer Law Family, we want our clients to know that we are not your enemy – we are your ally. So withholding information from your attorney only hurts yourself. It denies you from having effective representation, and you will also be hurting your case.

If any dishonesty is found in court, do not expect the judge to think highly of you. You can face consequences that can influence property division and even the custody of your child. If you are looking for guidance during your divorce, give the attorneys at Shaffer Law Family a call today at (480) 470-3030. 

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