No one files for divorce just for fun. But very few people realize how traumatic divorce can be for themselves and their family. Ending a marriage can cause a lot of stress and cost you lot financially. For children, divorce can have serious effects on their physical health.

Studies have shown that children of divorced parents face a lot more challenges, compared to children from two-parent homes. They also deal with more illnesses, accidents, and injuries compared to kids who grow up with both parents in the home. While this can be somewhat misleading, the research shows that it is important for parents and extended families to continue to provide children with structure during and after a divorce.

Of course, divorce can have been beneficial as well. In some cases, divorces provide a child a way to get away from physically or emotionally abusive situations. Divorce can have a mixed effect on most children. Ending a marriage can ultimately be for the good, but you need to make sure your children’s needs continue to be met. A family law attorney can help a divorcing parent have a smooth experience to that they are less stress and can help ensure the well-being of their children.

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