When you think of an abusive relationship, you may think of physical violence or emotional trauma. But people often experience financial abuse, which may result in long-term harm as the target of this behavior. Many people do not consider themselves victims of this type of abuse because their partner has provided them with a home and other needs. But, when it comes to money, you may feel like a prisoner because you cannot make decisions about household finances or plan for significant changes.

You are Unable to Earn Your Own Money

Financial abuse is all about having control over their spouse. Control over your ability to earn is what happens with this type of abuse. Many people are forced to quit their job. And while some people can still work, their spouse may control their access to the account where their money is deposited. This kind of behavior is more than about trying to save money. Many people do not have a choice in the matter: Their spouse may:

·       Monitor bank accounts

·       Use personal information to open credit accounts

·       Ruin their credit if you decide to leave the marriage

·       Ruined their confidence in money

·       Punish them for spending the smallest amount

·       Significant purchases are in their spouse’s name only

You may feel your spouse has the right to control where the money goes if they are the primary earner, or you may trust your spouse to manage the funds for the family. However, money management is not the same as financial abuse, which does not offer a person options or a sense of financial security. If you want out of your marriage, but you are experiencing financial abuse, give Shaffer Family Law in Chandler a call today at (480) 470-3030.

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