You may be able to legally prevent your ex from contacting your children under certain circumstances. In some cases, an ex is abusive or potentially dangerous, so keeping your children away from them may be necessary. While, in many cases, a child should have a relationship with both of their parents, there may be other situations when keeping an ex out of children’s lives is the better choice. But, legally distancing your ex from the children you share is not easy for us, and you should reach out for the help of an experienced family attorney.

Reasons For Keeping Your Child Away From Their Parent

If you want to stop your children from seeing their other parents, you need to have an appropriate reason and evidence. Granting one parent total control custody of their children is not very common, so you need to prove that the other parent is somehow unfit. These include:

·       Situations where the other parent is physically or sexually abusing the children or has a substance abuse issue.

·       Displaying neglect or engaging in criminal activity It could not be easy to completely prevent a parent from accessing their children in less complex situations. In most cases, the parent will be legally allowed visitation rights, though they may require supervision. If you are looking to make changes to your custody arrangement and want to stop your children from seeing their other parent altogether, you may be able to get legal help from the attorneys at Shaffer Family Law in Chandler. Give us a call today to examine your situation and why you wish to prevent the visits.

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