Alimony (spousal support or maintenance) refers to one spouse’s financial support payments to the other, either during or after a divorce. When couples split, different types of alimony can be awarded, including:

  • temporary alimony, which is paid while the divorce is pending
  • short-term maintenance, for short marriages
  • rehabilitative support, paid until a person can take care of themselves

These spousal support types have an end date and summarize the couple’s settlement agreement or the final judgment. Courts can also grant long-term alimony, but it is typically reserved for long-term marriages. It occurs when the supported is unable to support themselves, and permanent support can continue until either person passes away.

In Arizona, any future alimony is terminated when the spouse receiving support remarries. The spouse paying the support needs to file a motion to modify support, either by showing continuing change in circumstances or by providing evidence that the ex-spouse’s support needs have changed.

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