Most of us know lawyers from criminal shows and movies. They go in front of a judge, present heartfelt arguments for their clients, and somehow win the case with little effort. While the work of a family lawyer may not seem as impressive as a lawyer working with criminals, it is just as important. Most of us will need the services of a family attorney at some point – but how can they help you?  

Common Family Lawyer Cases

At Shaffer Family Law, we have worked with families to help them restore conflict and have the experience to help them through some of the most challenging and emotional moments a person can face. Some common cases we work on include:

·       Divorce: In modern times, most marriages will end in divorce, and a family lawyer is specialized in handling these types of cases.

·       Child and spousal support: Unsurprisingly, divorce often comes with the battle of child and spousal support or alimony—our goal is to help families build a working or even friendly relationship after a divorce.

·       Child custody: Figuring out child custody is a pervasive part of a divorce. We work with our clients to secure fair custody of their children and create a plan that benefits everyone.

·       Domestic Violence: Domestic violence cases involve accusations of abuse or threats between two people in a relationship. We work with clients to get restraining orders, protection orders and help clients fight against any false accusations of abuse.

While these are the most common cases we work with, we also work with clients in paternity, division of assets, domestic partnerships, and guardianship. If you need a family law lawyer to help you get through a case, give Shaffer Family Law a call at (480) 470-3030.

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