No two people experience divorce the same way. However, it is excruciating, no matter what people say otherwise. It is mentally and physically challenging and overwhelming with everything going around. As you file your divorce papers with the attorney, paying attention to your mind and body is essential. We understand how overwhelming it can be for a person to be dealing with everything on their own. Even if you have children or not, parting ways with someone you have loved can be most painful. If children are involved, it becomes more challenging and overwhelming as you would have to ensure that children’s relationship with your ex isn’t impacted.

  • Stress

It is an emotionally draining and stressful event that can make you lose yourself. When stressed, one can likely skip their routine, forget to eat, and lie sobbing on their bed or couch.

  • Grief and Depression

Many people may feel like a failure or nothing good is coming around and overthinking what led you to this point in life with your ex.

  • Drastic Weight Change

Gaining or losing weight can be common for people during or after the divorce. A stressful and anxious phase can make you either put on weight or lose because some people may turn to comfort foods while others may not eat at all.

  • Not Eating or Sleeping Well

If one is feeling depressed or sad, they are likely to skip their meals, exercise, sleep, or anything. Everything can demotivate the person, further affecting their productivity throughout the day.

If the divorce process impacts your health and you need someone to take over your legal hassles, our experienced attorneys can help. We understand it can be challenging for you, and we are here to help your case in every possible way. Schedule an appointment with Shaffer Family Law at (480) 470-3030 today.  

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