Are you in a toxic marriage? What does a toxic marriage look like? A toxic marriage means when both partners cause unhealthy mental, physical, and emotional issues. The problems gradually become more significant than you have ever imagined. Sometimes, a toxic marriage may appear happier from the outside, but that’s not the reality. But remember, there will be subtle signs of toxicity in a marriage for which you must be mindful and look out. The most common symptoms are physical abuse, substance abuse, adultery, and desertion. A toxic marriage can make you bitter; you may be depressed, sad, and always think negatively. There is no hope left, and the distances grow without realizing the importance of making things better for each other.

Signs to Watch Out

  • Lack of communication

If you and your partner do not communicate each other’s feelings and misunderstandings, they will likely get worse. You do not even realize how much damage it can cause your marriage if one is not communicating with the other. If both become comfortable in their respective spaces and do not wish to share, their emotions and feelings will escalate, which will not be positive.

  • Stalking phone

If either of the spouses stalks the other’s phone, you do not have enough trust in your partner and look for proof to validate and re-establish that trust. One constantly checks the other spouse’s phone for signs that the person is hiding anything, cheating, etc.

  • Jealousy

If your partner constantly wants to monitor where and with whom you go every hour of the day, they may be insecure and want to exert control.

  • Blame game

If both are angry and do not want to understand the situation, keep blaming each other. For one, the other spouse may be doing things constantly triggering the other, while the other may be letting out what they feel about the former’s actions. It can be a constant loop where the end may seem unreachable.

  • Constant fighting

The partners may constantly fight each other as their minor issues might not have been resolved or swept under the carpet, triggering the former matters. They may continuously fight each other as neither is willing to give up and leave their stand as each one thinks the other is responsible and at fault.

  • Minor issues become bigger

The relationship is so toxic that miscommunication and no common understanding can trigger even the smallest things that do not require attention in life. It can lead to misunderstandings, escalating the non-issues to more significant problems in life.

  • Exhausted

With the constant fighting and blame game, both people in the relationship can likely feel overwhelmed. There is no joy as you constantly fight with your spouse and always feel sick.

  • Depression

If your relationship goes down the drain, there is no way you can be happy or wholeheartedly enjoy your life. A part of your life is not in peace, which can make you feel depressed and sad.

  • Social life

You may stop enjoying yourself or going out and even talk negatively about your partner.

  • No emotional support

You no longer depend on your partner for emotional support as they will not understand and even be present. 

If you believe you are in a toxic marriage and are considering divorce, our experienced attorneys can help. We understand it can be challenging for you, and we are here to help your case in every possible way. Schedule an appointment with Shaffer Family Law at (480) 470-3030 today.  

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