When it comes to marriage, separation isn’t the same as divorce, even if you are slightly aware of it. Separation means the spouse lives separately but is still legally married unless you get a judgment of divorce. It is not just living apart; you need a court to approve your decision.

Legal separation allows the spouse to continue receiving health benefits, whereas in divorce, it ends. It even maintains your marriage status, but if a spouse wants to marry someone else, they must file a divorce. States consider spouses in legal separation as related and can be contacted during emergencies. Meanwhile, if the couple is divorced, they are no longer associated with each other. Spouses who proceed with legal separation are bound to pay off the debt undertaken in a marriage. However, if any spouse undertakes a new debt, that will be solely the individual’s responsibility rather than both. Legal separation preserves property rights when the spouse dies, but not in a divorce. The legal separation process depends on the state and can vary from six months to a year. 

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