Marriage is a sacred and beautiful institution and the coming together of two people who love each other. People get married thinking that they want to spend the rest of their lives with their partners. But not everything we dream turn into reality, or even if it does is often short-lived. You marry your favorite person, thinking how wonderful the rest of your life will be for both, but now you realize it may not be accurate. When you love someone, you may ignore the red flags or think of it as no big deal at the moment and can turn it around. However, this disillusionment soon crawls into your heart and grows in you, day in and day out.

Each one’s story may never resemble the other, but some signs can be common for all; it’s just how you look at it. Being mindful of your surroundings helps you see through things that have been ignored for a long time. 

  • Grow impatient and less empathetic toward 

When your partner is impatient and insensitive toward your feelings, they are not on the same page and do not understand and respect your perception and emotions. 

  • More arguments

When the couple starts arguing over small things, it affects almost everything, and things go downhill with the relationship. It is a cause of worry and must be carefully addressed to understand what’s happening.

  • Conversations turn into heated arguments and shouting

It may start as a conversation but swiftly turns into shouting with every other conversation. The high-pitched arguments turn ugly as both want to be correct and express their opinion.

  • Stop sharing small things

How was the day like? Anything interesting? It can affect their relationship if the couple stops discussing their individual lives, work, or social. When the person realizes their partner is uninterested in their conversation or anything happening, it can stop them from sharing it.

  • Do not want to spend time together

You find ways to spend individual me-time rather than doing something together. If a partner suggests an activity and you don’t want and decline, not only because you don’t want to, but you are not okay with doing it with your partner, too, due to whatever is happening.

  • Thoughts like what if there was someone else instead of your partner

When you have thoughts that instead of your partner, was there someone else? What if your partner were not behaving the way they are, and if someone else was in their place, what would have been the response?

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