When two people have decided they can’t live together, they look for reasons to part ways. They no longer feel loved or spend time with each other as they used to. Living like roommates and doing their things without spending time with each other. It is sad knowing that the marriage is coming to an end, and the most common way is divorce. At the same time, annulment is another way but may not be feasible for every other case. The marriage can be annulled only when it was considered illegal from the beginning of it. To get the marriage annulled, the spouse must prove that the marriage was illegitimate from the start. So, how does it happen? Can any marriage be annulled? No, not really. An annulment can happen only if

  • Underage: One of the spouses is underage to marry but still married.
  • Incest: If both spouses are related to each other by blood, such marriage can be annulled.
  • Polygamy: If the spouse intentionally or unintentionally gets married again while already being married.
  • Fraud – Sometimes, people get married by falsely promising things that they never meant or wanted to fulfill in the first place. They lied or had been hiding their true intentions in such matters for a long time. For instance, if the person is sterile or infertile and can’t have children or is deceitful about their criminal records.
  • Unsound mind: If the spouse was under drugs, highly intoxicated, and incapable of making any appropriate decision for themselves, then the marriage can get annulled.
  • Threat: If the person blackmails, threatens, or coerces their partner into marriage, it can be annulled.

To get the marriage annulled, you need to meet the legal requirements. Meanwhile, in case of divorce in a no-fault state, the couple seeking a divorce does not have to prove any wrongdoing by either party for divorce. If you want to file for a divorce in Arizona, either party must have lived in the state or the county. It can become more complicated with assets and custody of children in the family. Shaffer Family Law is committed to protecting your marital rights. Our attorneys ensure the property division is fair by identifying all relevant factors and assigning ownership and correct valuations to all assets and liabilities.

How Can We Help Your Case?

Our attorneys understand that the outcome of your divorce will affect the quality of the rest of your family’s lives. We focus on assisting people facing these difficult decisions regarding their home life, property, and parenthood. We are committed to helping our clients through these challenges with a compassionate yet uncompromising representation. We thoroughly sit down with the parties involved to help you understand the decisions and their impact on you and your family. We aim to ensure you understand the process and make decisions that benefit you. Mediation and negotiated settlements are almost always better alternatives to courtroom litigation. If litigation is necessary, we will fight aggressively, without hesitation, to protect your rights. So schedule a consultation with us at (480) 470-3030 today.

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