Annulment refers to when a marriage is declared void. It means completely nullifying the marriage and giving the spouses involved in the marriage the status of single again. It is different from divorce or separation and ending the union between the two people in the marriage. Divorce dissolves your marriage, but annulment voids it altogether. The people involved become single again as they were never married in the first place. Divorce is the most common term when people are unhappy in a marriage. For years, they have been staying in marriage with each other while completely detached from each other. They continue to live separate lives while staying in the same house. They no longer share the love for each other, and for that matter, they no longer exist for each other.

So, how does it happen? Can any marriage be annulled? No, not really. An annulment can happen only if

  • Underage: One of the spouses is underage to marry but still married.
  • Incest: If both spouses are related to each other by blood, such marriage can be annulled.
  • Polygamy: If the spouse intentionally or unintentionally gets married again while already being married.
  • Fraud – Sometimes, people get married by falsely promising things that they never meant or wanted to fulfill in the first place. They lied or had been hiding their true intentions in such matters for a long time. For instance, if the person is sterile or infertile and can’t have children or is deceitful about their criminal records.
  • Unsound mind: If the spouse was under drugs, highly intoxicated, and incapable of making any appropriate decision for themselves, then the marriage can get annulled.
  • Threat: If the person blackmails, threatens, or coerces their partner into marriage, it can be annulled.

Annulment in Marriage

Honestly, it is not easy to get an annulment. Still, the attorneys of Shaffer Family Law have successfully had marriages annulled and can determine and determine whether an annulment is the proper legal action to take in your situation. It starts with a valid ground, and one can request it based on the above reasons. Then, the party must submit specific paperwork like contact details, all the information regarding marriage, children, proof of residency, etc., depending on what grounds. Then, serve your spouse with notice that you have requested an annulment and want to proceed. If you think it is a lengthy process, leave all your worries behind, as our experienced attorneys can quickly handle your case. We can take care of everything for you and help you get the fair compensation you deserve. Don’t overthink and schedule a consultation with Shaffer Family Law at (480) 470-3030 today.

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