Pre-nuptials aren’t just for celebrities and rich people. The younger generation is embracing pre-nuptials who have been engaged or married. The dynamics are gradually changing as people try to establish themselves or accumulate wealth before settling down. Millennials are more concerned about creating wealth with their business, startups, intellectual property, etc. This makes them more concerned about protecting their wealth. Not only this, but they are also for everyone. They can address whether you and your spouse will have a joint bank account, whether you’ll pay off your student loans separately or together, and who gets what if you divorce. It is more than just wealth; it is also financial responsibilities that spiral any relationship.

More than ever, people are learning from their parents’ experiences and trying to protect their interests. And we know that alliances are all about celebrations and the coming together of families. With such celebrations, initiating pre-nuptials can be a bit awkward for many people. It may look like you prioritize financial interests, which can be weird for some. However, developing a dialogue and understanding before an alliance decision is important. It is great to ease your partner and make them understand the benefits of pre-nuptials and how it helps both. 

Why Should You Go for Pre-Nuptials?

  • Protect Family Assets

It is likely that you may or may not inherit some family assets, and pre-nuptials can help define and determine what is yours and will remain yours in case of an unlikely event of divorce. You can protect your family assets, which will remain yours and will not be divided among your partners in case of divorce.

  • Children from previous marriages

In case of single or both parties having had children from previous marriages, then it is essential to protect children’s rights. What part of your financial aspects should or should not be considered for children and current partners can be determined? This protects your children’s rights and future and reasonably acts to consider the interests of your partner.

  • Debt

People entering marriages with financial debts such as student loans become their responsibility when they sign for pre-nuptials. This protects the partner and separates the financial responsibility of the spouse who incurred them.

  • Emotional Arguments

Divorce is difficult, no matter what people say otherwise. It is stressful and contains a roller coaster of emotions. And when you talk about who gets what, it can be even more complicated. A pre-nuptial agreement is helpful in such scenarios and can save you from all the forthcoming anxiety and stress levels, as sometimes it can be extremely challenging to deal with it.  

Today, pre-nuptials have become common as they protect financial rights and benefit parties involved in the alliance. If you plan to marry your partner, pre-nuptial is like your health insurance and can help in many ways. Our attorneys have years of experience in protecting clients’ financial and legal rights. Our team can assist you with all questions and concerns you may have now or through the entire legal process. We will support you and work with your best interests in mind. So, schedule an appointment with Shaffer Family Law at (480) 470-3030 today.

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