Divorce is difficult no matter at what stage you decide to part ways. It is not easy to lose someone you have loved and had a good time together. You’ve had some good times and embraced each other during adverse times too. Valentine’s Day is all about love! It honors Saint Valentine and romanticizes the relationships, reflecting on their importance in life. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it can be overwhelming for people thinking of filing a divorce or who have been divorced for years. Emotions can override your thoughts or decisions to file a divorce or deal with challenging times if divorced for years. While some people may be unaffected by Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult for some as love is in the air. 

Be it social media flooded with Valentine’s Day posts or all the buzz around discounts/special offers for the day, it can be tough to sail through with all the hype. The emotions are more likely to pull you back and make it hard to go on with your daily schedule. There are many ways to bounce back and focus on yourself than being carried away this Valentine’s Day.

Turn to your single friends or family – It is good to turn to your single friends and plan something together! Be it a lunch or night out, you can always turn to your single friends. People always have someone they can turn to, and it’s truly a blessing. It would help to make outdoor plans or chill with them over a series, movies, or maybe a game night without thinking much. Even if you don’t have any single friends, visit your family as there are no second thoughts about it. Just have a good time with your family. 

Self-care – Being alone at this time of the year can drain you emotionally, especially if you’ve divorced recently. You don’t have to wait for someone to make you feel good. Do it Yourself! Eat for mind and body wellness, exercise, sleep for seven to nine hours on average, meditate, set healthy boundaries, and manage stress. You can do things that make you happy, like spas, cosmetic treatments, or more. These are some ways you can be mindful and take good care. It doesn’t require much time or money but an urge to do things rather than a forced effort that you don’t enjoy.     

Do something creative – You can pick an activity such as gardening, learning a musical instrument, joining social clubs, cooking, painting, volunteering at animal shelters, or maybe connecting with nature at hike trails.

Events – Look for events happening on Valentine’s Day. Like musical concerts, paintball, an artist’s performance, and many other things you can think of. 

Dating App – Today, a dating app is a good tool to find new connections. Building that connection takes some time, but it is good to start. If you are looking for new connections, you could try out your favorite dating app and wait till you get a match! Overall, don’t be so hard on yourself and be happy.

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