According to the Pew Research Center, divorce among younger adults is becoming less common while the gray divorce is rising. What do you mean by gray divorce? When an older couple over the age of 50, especially the baby boomers’ generation, after years of togetherness, gets divorced is called a “gray divorce.” A significant share of divorces occurs in people who have been married for 30 years and more.

Divorce is difficult no matter at what stage you decide to part ways. It is not easy to lose someone you have loved and had a good time together. You’ve had some good times and embraced each other during adverse times too. One of the most common myths of gray divorce is it is common among wealthy people. Divorce is a long road, and if you are at the crossroads of your marriage, it is time to seek counseling and legal advice. Our attorneys are experts and provide legal advice in your and your family’s best interests.  

It is always good to weigh in all your options, as divorce can also have some downsides at this stage of life. Financial security at an older age can be demanding as both men and women are more likely to be financially burdened and start all over again. We know no two marriages or circumstances are the same; each one consists of its own set of compromises or understanding to make the marriage work. But sometimes, in relationships, things appear straightforward, whereas, at other times, they don’t.  

Many reasons have led to a rise in gray divorces.

Postponed Divorces – Often, parents decide to stick around in marriages due to their children and divorce once they grow up. The children suffer the most as it becomes difficult to understand that they will not see their parents together. If it becomes hard to stay in the marriage, they decide to part ways.

Empty Nesters – Sometimes, couples do not find enough reasons to stay together once the children move out.    

Repeat Divorces – More likely second, third, or fourth divorce for the baby boomers’ generation. Divorce for people over 50 is 2.5 times more than people who have been married once.

Financial Independence – We are witnessing a shift in divorce trends as studies suggest that women between the ages of 40-69 initiate a divorce 66 percent of the time. The growing financial independence among women makes them decide and think for themselves if they feel unhappy in marriage.

General Dissatisfaction – With delayed retirement ages and longer life spans, people over 50 are unsatisfied in their marriages and more likely to divorce. 

Don’t forget there is increased anxiety and pressure if you are the one who did not initiate the divorce. It can be complex, but our attorneys can help you navigate and provide you with legal advice in your best interests.

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