To start with, parting ways with your partner is hard, no matter what. Breakups are painful, and there’s no easy way to say it. If you are married, it is even more complicated and can be a lot for you to process as there is a lot to manage, such as children, property, and more. The list is endless, and more comes along as the process continues. So, it is a lot more challenging than you imagined. Sadly, there’s no straightaway answer, but it is overwhelming no matter what others say. However, these questions arise later, but an essential aspect is when you should get divorced. When do you know it is time to part ways? Is there a time? How long should you wait? What are some of the signs? These are some common questions that can pop into one’s mind. However, there’s no easy answer for anything in this complicated situation.

Every individual is different when it comes to their relationships. So first and foremost, comparing your relationship to others would not be a wise thing to do. Everyone functions according to their life experiences; honestly, you can’t judge and draw comparisons. However, we’ll provide signs that can help shape your perspective and make your own decision.

  • Avoid or reject your partner – Some professional counselors believe your mind and body language response to your partner are somehow strong indicators. If you do not feel the closeness in your relationship and do not like the presence of your partner, then your mind and body will likely give you a hint. If you don’t feel like occupying a space near your partner, you fear or feel discomfort, don’t want to communicate, and ignore your partner’s presence. Even a lack of physical intimacy can be a significant concern for some in their relationship.
  • No effort – Do you remember the last time you made any effort in your relationship? It is not good if you think hard to develop an instance. The most important thing is to look within yourself to examine relationship issues than immediately blaming your partner for everything. It is also possible that either of you is not putting in any effort because you both have grown apart and do not feel the need to make any effort.
  • Everything turns into a big issue – Every relationship has ups and downs. It is healthy for a relationship to experience difficult times that help you grow and work through them. However, if every concern or disagreement turns into an out-of-proportion argument, it is a red flag. It means you may end up in arguments on most days throughout the year.
  • Abuse – Abuse in any form is unacceptable. No one deserves it or should live with it, whether physical, mental, verbal, financial, or others. It is not okay to be abused and continue your life. If your partner is always telling you what to do, limiting who you can hang out with, or wants to know how much you spend, it is probably time to part.
  • Infidelity – If your partner is cheating on you, it can take a while for you to process it. In any relationship, if trust is broken, it is hard to continue believing in that person. However, some people manage to move on and continue to live with their partners. If they can understand the reason behind infidelity and can live with the person, then it is an individual’s choice.  

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